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Letter From The Publisher


Dear Reader:


Over many years in publishing, I have seen many business books—many critically acclaimed bestsellers. But over that time, I have never come across a book so unique and inspiring as Jack Bogle’s latest, Enough.


Enough. I wonder how a word so simple can be so powerful. What is enough anyway? And how do you know when you have it? For someone like Mr. Bogle, it’s a serious question worthy of an honest answer pondered for a lifetime.


John Bogle, a financial legend, is no ordinary businessman. He is the author of several books, all of them highly praised by his peers and the media. I believe that Enough. is his best yet. Never has he been so concise, so on target, so right in his views. I challenge anyone that reads this book to not find something that touches them in some way.


In Enough., Bogle embarks on a mission to define “enough” in money, business, and life. Are you troubled by the greed on Wall Street, our volatile economy, and the direction of our country’s leadership? Read Enough. If you’ve had it with outrageous CEO compensation, read Enough. If you think we need to get back to America being a superior nation, read Enough. A new understanding of prosperity and meaning is sure to follow. I couldn’t be more proud to publish this important work.


Kind Regards,

Joan O’Neil

Executive Vice President & Publisher

John Wiley & Sons, Inc