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"Jack Bogle's wonderful, thoughtful, helpful, and fun-full little book inspired me to create my own title. Never Enough of Jack Bogle!"

- Peter Bernstein.


"From one 'battler' to another - thank you for putting in one little book, the premise for an active long life. A primer, for those who will abjure complacency and just wanting more, to focus on the joy of trying to move some ball down field."

- Ira Millstein


"Jack Bogle's passionate cry of Enough! contains a thought-provoking litany of life lessons regarding our individual roles in commerce and society. Employing a seamless mix of personal anecdotes, hard evidence and all-too-often-underrated subjective admonitions, Bogle challenges each of us to aspire to become better members of our families, our professions and our communities.  Rarely do so few pages provoke so much thought.  Read this book."

-David F. Swensen, Chief Investment Officer, Yale University

"The balances one must create when investing, running a business and in life more generally are simply and clearly stated in Jack's most recent book Enough. Unfortunately there are not enough Jack Bogle's around in today's world of instant gratification. Enough should be must reading for business students and corporate board members."

--David L. Sokol, Chairman, MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company

"This is an impressive message from a distinguished businessman. It will challenge all decision-makers to consider the sufficiency and direction of their lives and work. What do we mean by 'enough?'  'Enough' of what? 'Enough' for what purpose? Feast here and reflect."

-- Robert F. Bruner, Dean and Charles C. Abbott Professor of Business Administration, Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia


Jack Bogle, the "Conscience of Wall Street," single-handedly founded the Vanguard Group, converted it to nonprofit status, then grew it into the gentle giant that funds the retirements, educations, and philanthropic goals of millions of Americans. Now, in Enough, he distills down his half-century of observations on the capital markets, and of life in general, into a few hundred entertaining pages-required reading for those concerned about their own future, their family's future, and the nation's future.

-- Bill Bernstein, author, A Splendid Exchange

Jack Bogle's book Enough is must reading for millions of US investors disenchanted by today's culture of greed,  accounting distortions, corporate malfeasance and oversight failure.  Enough gives new meaning to the words "commitment", "accountability" and "stewardship". Bogle writes with clarity and passion whose standards make him a role model for all of us.

-- Arthur Levitt , Former Chairman, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission